As you may know already, Life Saving Victoria (LSV) will be lobbying for our community as the emergency service responsible for aquatic safety in Victoria.
Mallacoota has been selected as the first town in LSV’s campaign for state and federal governments to fund regional aquatic centres with heated lap-lane and hydrotherapy pools, gyms and other community suitable facilities. For Mallacoota and district, this facility is to be planned as the second phase of LSV support.
Mallacoota Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) is working closely with Emergency Management Victoria, the Mallacoota State Emergency Service (SES) and the Mallacoota Coast Guard on the MADRA supported Marine Rescue Facility on the SES block as the first already well-developed phase.
For a local heated pool, hydrotherapy and gym facility, LSV has researched European models for such facilities in small communities. LSV will assist with economic costing and a business plan, including the costs of not having had and not having such a facility in the future. Our inputs can support the positive benefits and the cost minimisations in terms of health, fitness, wellbeing, training of emergency services, travel to facilities elsewhere such as Pambula and Merimbula with all of the associated time taken, undoing the benefits of therapy with three hours travelling, expense and safety issues of travelling on highways and more.
To progress from a preliminary working group to a participatory planning group, we would like two things: firstly, to know that we in the Mallacoota district are keen for LSV to lobby for us; and secondly, to have open discussions about possible locations, including crown land near the corner of Nelson Drive and Bastion Point Road adjacent to Golf Club land, or on purchasable land next to own, or on other viable options.
We seek your feedback, inputs and support (thank you to groups who already forwarded support) and invite community organisation representatives and interested parties to an online forum on Tuesday the 17th of November at 7pm. The link will be published on the Mallacoota Surf Life Saving club Facebook page. For a direct link please RSVP to During the meeting we will present options and LSV will present models they have researched as well as some of the costs of doing nothing.
While it will seem to some that the East Gippsland Shire could greatly assist in this process, our dvice suggests to seek its involvement only when we have community support, economic costing, a business model, and a list of potential sites and grants.
On the following page is an updated Mallacoota LSV fact sheet (which replaces an earlier version that some of you might have seen) and the fact sheet for the statewide campaign. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Michael Dunne or Simon Berry.
Yours Sincerely,
Simon Berry (President) and Michael Dunne (Pool Rep.)
on behalf of Mallacoota Surf Life Saving Inc. – and Working Group


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