Please find below a list of Incorporated bodies from Mallacoota and District from  downloaded on 6th April 2020.
I am creating an online listing of all things Mallacoota and offering all Not For Profit organizations a FREE (free forever)  one page web site with a donate link / button to allow members and friends to pay subscriptions and/or donate to the group.
Please fill out this form to up date the details add new organizations and delete any that you do not wish to be listed or have closed.

Name of IncorporationReg NumberDateStatus
Friends Of Mallacoota Inc.A0013056P14 April 1987Registered
Lions Club Of Mallacoota & District Inc.A0010791G16 September 1986Registered
Mallacoota & District Car & Bike Club IncorporatedA0108697L20 December 2019Registered
Mallacoota & District Community Support Centre Inc.A0017772F16 January 1989Deregistered
Mallacoota & District Motor Sports Club Inc.A0037812R16 March 1999Deregistered
Mallacoota And District Angling Club Inc.A0034419L17 January 1997Registered
Mallacoota And District Business And Tourism Association Inc.A0045736X20 May 2004Registered
Mallacoota And District Historical Society Inc.A0045005X18 November 2003Registered
Mallacoota And District University Of The Third Age (U3a) Inc.A0047738S14 September 2005Registered
Mallacoota Arts Council Inc.A0020481Z14 March 1990Registered
Mallacoota Boardriders Club IncorporatedA0062795R01 April 2015Registered
Mallacoota Chamber Of Commerce Inc.A0025459V25 June 1992Deregistered
Mallacoota Coast Guard Inc.A0061544D31 July 2014Deregistered
Mallacoota Community Association Inc.A0031548B27 June 1995Deregistered
Mallacoota Community Health Infrastructure And Resilience Fund IncorporatedA0095823N18 May 2016Registered
Mallacoota Community Market Inc.A0034793R28 April 1997Deregistered
Mallacoota Community Opportunity Shop IncorporatedA0039214C10 February 2000Registered
Mallacoota District Health & Support Service Inc.A0012127E17 December 1986Registered
Mallacoota District Senior Citizens Club Inc.A0017539X14 December 1988Registered
Mallacoota Events Inc.A0108043O14 October 2019Registered
Mallacoota Genoa Broadcasting Association Inc.A0031373P23 May 1995Registered
Mallacoota Golf And Country Club Inc.A0004620V11 April 1985Registered
Mallacoota Gun Club Inc.A0012033U09 December 1986Registered
Mallacoota Halls And Recreation Reserve Grounds Management Committee Inc.A0044537F24 July 2003Registered
Mallacoota Inlet Aged Care Inc.A0026537X01 December 1992Registered
Mallacoota Inlet Bowling Club Inc.A0037634R03 February 1999Registered
Mallacoota Inlet Business & Tourism Association Inc.A0028224L29 September 1993Deregistered
Mallacoota Ocean Access Committee (Moac) Inc.A0045114D10 December 2003Deregistered
Mallacoota Pony Club Inc.A0005516G28 June 1985Registered
Mallacoota Pre-School Association & Toy Library Inc.A0017902U06 February 1989Registered
Mallacoota Progress Association Inc.A0060432H19 December 2013Registered
Mallacoota Sailing Club Inc.A0003410Y19 December 1984Registered
Mallacoota Sea Eagles Dragon Boat Club Inc.A0100520L09 October 2017Registered
Mallacoota Soccer Club Inc.A0027422K12 May 1993Registered
Mallacoota Strum Inc.A0050759J04 October 2007Registered
Mallacoota Surf Lifesaving Club Inc.A0042120A01 February 2002Registered
Mallacoota Surfriders Club Inc.A0026538Z01 December 1992Deregistered
Mallacoota Volunteer Fire Fighters Fund IncorporatedA0108792I08 January 2020Registered
Mallacoota Youth And Sports Club Inc.A0009159K06 May 1986Registered
The Mallacoota Sanctuary Youth Group IncorporatedA0109127E13 February 2020Registered
The Mallacoota Visitor Information Shed Inc.A0056141B30 May 2011Registered
Gipsy Point Ratepayers' Association Inc.A0021194A04 July 1990Registered
Genoa Sports Club Inc.A0015760H28 March 1988Registered
Genoa Town Committee Inc.A0016865G20 September 1988Registered
Mallacoota Genoa Broadcasting Association Inc.A0031373P23 May 1995Registered
The Genoa Hall Committee Inc.A0009575E10 June 1986Registered

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