The Australian BOM make their weather station data available on line. I live near Gabo Island one of he oldest continous weather stations in Australia. At the start of this year they removed the temperature data from before 1910.  The rain data is still there see last graph on this Post. There may be a conspricay theory to go with this but it is just a fact. On the link below you can find data from December 2019 that I downloaded before it was removed, with a couple of calculations and graphs I made from the raw data. 

Gabo Island Temp from 1877

It is clear that the late 1800's were warmer than now, with 8 years hotter than the 9th hottest year 2014.  The media alarmism is mostly devoid of data.  When the talk about records they rarely give data how much, when how long have the records been kept. Considering that national averages accuracy is no better than 1°C it is not even clear that there has been any warming in  Australia in the last 160 years. Gabo Island data is a good indication of the climate over this time period. 

Gabo Island Temp from 1877 Averaging
Rainfall Gabo Island from1860


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